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    August 22, 2010
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ng the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] bad eggs. new word this morning on two iowa farms at the center of a huge recall. how tainted eggs could reach your breakfast plate. the war in iraq, the key mission is now over. in the coming days, the president is expected to talk about what is next. the former governor ends uptaking his act to a convention. another bizarre twist there. art heist mystery. how thieves took off with a painting worth $55 million.
good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome. it's 8:00 a.m. east coast and 5:00 a.m.out west. federal officials are trying to pinpoint the origin of a salmonella outbreak. two iowa farms recalling more than half a billion eggs nationwide. it's eggs sold across 22 states. over 1,000 sickened from the outbreak. they wonder why safeguards weren't in effect. >> at patty's restaurant, orders for eggs keep coming despite the recall. >> i'm thinking about bacon an scrambled eggs. >> reporter: the centerpiece of the key ingredient in countless recipes. >> it's in the back of my mind, i eat them sunny side. they are reasonably well cooked.
>> it involves two farms out of iowa, the nation's top producing state. hillandale farms recalled 170 million eggs on top of 280 million eggs recalled by right county eggs. the tainted eggs date back to april and were distributed to 22 states. >> it's one of the largest outbreaks of this particular salmonella we have seen in recent years. >> reporter: fda says the strain of bacteria is the same at both locations. investigators are trying to pinpoint the source of contamination, dirty cages or tainted feed. more than 1,000 people have been sickened. so far, no one died. to ensure safety, make sure you cook your eggs completely. >> cook the eggs to a very firm consistency so the yolk and the white is very firm.
no runny scrambled eggs, no runny yolks. >> reporter: many are asking is there more the government could be doing? >> reporter: in july, the fda required egg producers to take more responsibility to reduce the risk. mandating salmonella testing and clenliness testing. it could have helped present the outbreak that began in may. the measures will only work if farms are monitored. >> we need the government to do a good job and enforce them. >> reporter: until they have mandatory recall powers the risk for another outbreak will continue to grow. >> the most common symptoms are abdominal cramps, nausea or fever developing within three days of eating a contaminated egg. let's go to the weather and a storm brewing in the tropics.
meanwhile, we have a dreary day here. jeff morrow joins me. good morning, what can you tell us about the weather out there. >> i'm sorry you are having a bad hair day in new york. yesterday was a nice day, right? i hope you had a chance to get out. it was a nice day. the rain had to come. we have a new tropical depression out here. this is africa and south america. this is way out here. it is on the rise, so to speak. we are talking about a developing and we think this circulation will become tropical storm danielle within the next day or so and beyond that, perhaps a hurricane. now, the track that we are expecting here, alex, is one to the west-northwest. it's still way aways from the east coast of the united states. it looks like it's going to miss the winward islands in the krip yan. we are talking 100-mile-an-hour
hurricane at that point. where it goes from here, it's the too early to call. the season is starting to ramp up as you would expect in august. >> it's been quiet so far. thanks so much. massive sinkholes in cleveland, georgia. the sinkholes swallowed part of a restaurant and a car wash. they damaged the parking lot. more than five inches of rain fell in 24 hours. storm drainage pipes overflowed and washed away the fill dirt that was under it. no one was hurt. sax large wildfire is burning along california's central coast. it began saturday afternoon. it's burned 2,500 acres. fire crews with the help from other agencies in the area, they are battling the flames from the air and ground. several campgrounds have been evacuated. the aclu has new screening
method. tsa screeners are testing a new technique calls an enhanced pat down. you can slide your palms up and down a passenger's body to search them. currently, they can only use the back of their hand. a candidate in the governor's race is criticizing arnold schwarzenegger because they are not defending the ban on same-sex marriage. megawhitman says she would defend prop 8. both the governor and attorney general declined to sign on as defendants in the case. former usda official will meet with agriculture secretary tuesday about a new job offer within the usda. she was forced to resign last month after a blogger posted excerpts from a speech in march. it made it appear racist. she was offering a lesson in
overcoming racism. she's grateful for the new job offer but has questions as to what became of her old position. >> i want to know why is it that he didn't offer me the state director, the georgia state director position, again. what happened, you know, to make that a door that's totally closed to me? i would love to get some answers to that. >> she's not sure if she will take the outreach post that's been offered. president obama is planning a high profile speech for next week on the drawdown on troops in iraq. mike viqueira has more. >> good morning, alex. >> i understand vice president biden also is making a speech tomorrow before the veterans of foreign wars indianapolis. overall, what is the white house message here? >> reporter: it's interesting you should bring this up, alex.
we learned the president will give a speech upon returning to washington. he's on here for another week in martha's vineyard. he'll go to new orleans to observe the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. then he'll give an address on the iraqi troop withdrawal. it was last week they went over the kuwait border ending the combat mission that officially ends august 31st. it falls on a tuesday. we don't know what day the president is going to be speaking. tuesday is a good guess. he spoke to the american disabled veterans convention in atlanta when he said the war of the combat mission would end as promised and as on schedule. we can expect the president to reinforce that. vice president biden will be in indianapolis tomorrow to speak to the vfw about the end of the combat mission in iraq. a lot of people are quick to
point out there are 50,000 american troops left in iraq. they are capable or combat ready. by all accounts the level of violence sunk there somewhat not with standing the recent crews. the political system is shaky. he will highlight the fact of removing combat troops in iraq. it's going to happen as promised and on schedule. >> any presidential sightings there? >> reporter: you know, they said this was going to be a low key vacation the president wanted to recharge his batteries. the second consecutive late august. apparently, they are serious. a four-hour picnic on the beach yesterday. no cameras, no pictures, no press. i guess they had a good time. it was on the south side of the island. we haven't seen much of the president since he made the
visit across the street here. a bunch of grapes bookstore, he was there with his daughters. malia and sasha were with their mother at an ice cream shop. it's been few and for between. >> you were talking about all the books he was given. maybe he sat down and read some of them. >> reporter: perhaps. >> thanks. the mystery of the missing vincent van gogh was stolen yesterday. it's apparently found, now officials say it's missing. okay. with a good morning to you, what's going on? >> i know, alex, it's confusing, isn't it? it's worth $55 million. it's a big deal. it was in a museum. now, yesterday, at some point, it was taken from the gallery.
the culture minister announced police recovered it and an italian woman were arrested. today, he says it's all wrong. a colleague gave me false information. he's backtracking. it's not clear why the confusion arose beyond that. police officials are questioning staff at the museum and visitors after the theft. they reviewed security cameras. now, the search for the canvas is continuing. >> this is a popular painting with thieves, right? >> it is. it's the second time it's been stolen from that museum. the first time was 1978. it was recovered two years later in kuwait. at that time, three egyptians were arrested. they never said whether they were charged or tried. there's intrigue surrounding the painting. it was made in 1887.
it is special because it represents a turning point in van gogh's painting style. it was really emersing himself in color. the museum has a lot of other works by other artists. they are wanting to get the painting back as soon as possible to show they are no easy target, alex. >> wow. $55 million, i hope they get it back quickly. more later. peace in the middle at least. what are the prospects now? will the talks end as the old talks without progress? >> going, going gone. money to fill a budget short fall. the pursuit of happiness. what really makes people happy. the answer is probably not what you are thinking. we'll explain. [ mom ] i can't start the first grade with her. ♪
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just a couple hours from now, dualing rallies planned in new york city over the proposed construction of an islamic center near ground zero. now that the president weighed in, it's a political issue. with the midterms ahead, which party has the most to gain from this. joe an reed is the editor of and also with us, kristina from talking points memo. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> joy, i'll begin with you. questions it may affect the democrats. let's look at a recent poll. 61% of americans are against the mosque. i know you cover florida. do you see it playing out on a
local level? >> all of the major candidates weighed in. it's a must-do for a political candidate. more as a way to shore up conservatism or to have closeness or distance from the president. charlie crist immediately jumped on the president's side. voters are voting on the economy and jobs. that's what people care about. this is not going to be a voting issue, in my opinion. >> how about you christine? it's been a week since president obama weighed in on this. in retro spect, do you think the white house looks at this and regrets it move or implications for midterm? >> it is silly season of august and a lot of the times we talk about these issues for a long time, then they never come up, again. the white house probably is not that pleased the way it
unfolded, but everyone says president obama felt strongly about this and that's why he came forward. i've spoken to several prominent democrats frustrated the president jumped in. it forces them to take sides. >> it does. a question to you, joy, would be, is there a split within the democratic party? we have former dnc chair howard dean that says there needs to be compromise. senator harry reid came out against the mosque. is there a split? >> there's a split because democrats are believing the doom for them in november. they are running from any issue that looks controversial. i think they wish they got a heads up from the president. he was in florida to talk about the gulf. it went off script. now, there's an attempt to stay away from anything that seems unsafe and try not to rile up voters on the other side more
than they are. >> christina, you spoke with the blogger that started this campaign against the mosque. what drives this movement? >> i interviewed pamela gellar who started the blog last fall. she swears this is a fundmental argument. this building was actually affected on september 11th on 2001. some of the landing gear from the planes hit the building and damaged it. she argues it is ground zero, not near it. she says a lot of things she does not like about islam. she criticizes them. she has complaints about the islam faith. she's arranging the protests including one on 9/11. she has long list of speakers. several said, no, we are not speaking there. she's a driving force. it's hard to tell if it's grass
roots or astroturf. >> how do you see it playing out, joy? >> it reinforces the concept they are antiminority. it's been over the top. newt gingrich indicting all muslims for what happened on 9/11. if they played it right, it could have helped their image. they seem to run away from the issue and not stand-up for the muslim community in this case. >> christina, your thoughts? >> nobody said the right thing. they want to talk about the economy, that's the number one issue. >> ladies, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. today on "meet the press," a conversation with the man heading up the opposition party on the hill. we're going to hear from mitch mcconnell from kentucky. a big debut for the first
lady at the national portrait gallery in washington. it's called americans now. it feature this is portrait of michelle obama. other famous faces seen include martha stuart, willie nelson, l.l. cool jay and others. they will be viewed from now tun till next july. that looks great, that one. when you pursue an mba at devry university's... keller graduate school of management, you'll have a professor with you every step of the way. whether you take classes on campus, online, or both, you get the same attention, the same curriculum, and the same quality. 85 locations nationwide and online. discover how to grow the business of you... at
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new this morning, iran unveiled the first unmanned drone. ahmadinejad inaugurated it calling it an ambassador of death to iran's enemies. another round of torrential rain forced the evacuation of 94,000
people. the river is over the banks, again. more rain is expected there. the renewed economic uncertainty is making many small investors think twice about the stock market. a trade group says investors withdrew from stock market funds in the first seven months of this year. well, it was a big night for betty white. the 88-year-old actress scored an em my award. she won for beth actress as a most on "snl." >> people say betty, facebook is a great way to connection with old friends. these days, if i want to connect, i need a ouija board. >> we have the editor of pop goes it week. >> can you imagine your career hitting peek at 88 years old? >> no.
i'm sure mine will not. >> not liking betty white is like not liking rainbow or puppy. it's her fifth win. "snl" had no reason to book her except the people spoke. the people spoke on facebook and said we want betty white. when it's going to translate to viewers, how can you not. listen to the people. that ended up being one of the highest rated episodes of "saturday night live." she beat out tina fe who was nominated. >> one can feel the love towards betty white. how about in terms of people speaking the queen of twitter. what is that about? >> for a long time, britney spears reigned. let's call it the twit sphere. there's been an overthrow. lady gaga is at 5.67 million
viewers. not viewers, followers. edging out britney by 2000. she's not crying in her beer or cereal, whatever she cries in. who knows. ash ton kutcher has third with 5.5 million. he's active in campaigning. he basically begged for it. ellen degeneres, 5.053. the president is in fifth with five million viewers. >> you tweet? >> i do. >> i'm a follower. >> it's interesting because you are asking. >> i do. >> i keep it straight. it's newsy. it bores people. let's move to the box office for this weekend. "the expendables" coming in at number one. $17.2 million alone. can you explain that?
>> everyone was talking about "eat, pray, love." historically julia roberts is a hit. this week, she's fourth. "expendable" was the dark force. he's in too great of shape at his age. now, we are at a gross of $65.6 million for that film. >> bunch of super stars. of course you have to go for that. "vampires suck" in second at 12.5. >> we love it. thank you very much. a fun new record set in mexico city. people of all ages put on rain gear and set a guinness book of world records of the simultaneous erupting mentos. 2,433 geysers shot six feet into the air. i'm wondering about clean up. how long that took.
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i'm alex witt. here are the top stories. a huge fire burned an abandoned industrial complex. crews say it was the biggest they have seen in 20 to 30 years. flames were so large, they called in 160 firefighters from around the city to fight them. nobody was hurt. to iowa farms recalled more than half a billion egg this is month are tied. they have been cited for numerous health and safety concerns over the years. new areas of southern pakistan are being threatened by rising rivers. workers placing sandbags to strengthen the river levees.
let's go to the middle east. new this morning, the prime minister of israel has key talks with palestinians. they have to recognize israel as homeland of the jewish people and be demilitarized. the palestinians are rejecting some of netanyahu's demands. we have larry with us. good morning, good to see you. >> good to see you rk, again, a. >> they are saying there should be no preconditions. get started from scratch. why should we believe it's going to be more successful than the many in the past? >> i don't think there's guarantee of success. i think getting them together sends the right message to the arab and muslim world. if we are not actively involved in the process, people believe we are leaning toward israel. also, the fact that the
president, himself, is going to be involved, i think gives more hope than usual. in the past when we have had breakthroughs, it's been people like president carter and president clinton getting invol involved. president obama is doing it early. president bush waited until 2008 to get involved. it gives hope for success. you are right, it's not going to be an easy road. >> let's get to what secretary hillary clinton said friday. >> the president and i are encouraged by the leadership of prime minister netanyahu and fully share their commitment to the goal of two states, israel and palestine living side-by-side in peace and security. >> you can see the year timetable for the negotiations. do you see a scenario where a year plus from now we'll see two states living in peace? >> when you look at the
preconditions, the fact prime minister netanyahu says they have to recognize the right to exist in a jewish state, it's not the problem. the problem is the settlements. prime minister netanyahu's promise is going to be the key issue, if in fact while the talks are going on, they continue the settlements. it could be a roadblock. the other issues, i think, they have more or less agreed on them. the one thing, if prime minister netanyahu agrees, it's more likely the israeli's will support it given his relations. it's a nixon-china syndrome. >> do you see one side needing to get it done more than the other? if so, which one and why? >> israel would like to get it done. they are concerned about iran. iran has a drone. they have a nuclear power plant.
the united states has told israel they think in a year, you know, they will be going nuclear. i think israel would like to get it done so they could work with the united states more closely on iran. they see it as the real threat. >> do you see a fully realized two-state solution helping the u.s. security? the middle east conflict is used as an act of terrorists against u.s. interest. >> there's no doubt about it. go to pakistan, it's one of the things why don't you like america given all we have done. well, look, you are siding with israel against the palestinians. i think it's a real key thing. even if you don't get success, the fact that the president himself is directly involved will play well in the arab and muslim world and undermine the al qaeda narrative. >> okay. good to see you larry. thank you. >> thank you, alex.
the world view this morning begins with political limbo in australia. saturday's vote was the closest election in half a century and make take to week to decide who is going to govern it. the gunman took hostages at a luxury hotel. one woman was killed. police say she was with the gang. in portugal, a dutch sailer set journey around the world. she gave her slip leaving in secret. her journey is supposed to last more than a year. in spain 150 animal rights activists took off their clothes to call for an end of bullfighting. they were smeared in red or block paint. they decided to ban it in that region. we are hearing more about a bear attack that killed an ohio man last week.
the 24-year-old was killed thursday. he was a caretaker at this animal care facility in ohio. the owner kept various animals including bears and wolves in cages. he was there when he was killed. >> he was playing inside. we moved it outside the cage because the bear didn't want to let him go. he kept wanting to play. so, then everything happened outside the enclosure. >> he's come under scrutiny before back in 2007. this bear wrestling exhibit was shut down because he didn't have a license. a famous new york landmark is the latest target of bedbugs. the bugs attacked furniture in the empire state building. they are considering their own pack of bedbug sniffing dogs. tom costello has more. >> reporter: not letting the bedbugs bite is taking on a new meaning this summer. >> that one is crawling.
it's alive. >> from movie theaters in new york to a fire station in connecticut to college students in the midwest. >> it was bad. it was swollen up. it looked like i had hives. a population explosion in beds, pillows, carpeting and clothing and leaving droppings behind. robbin has the bites and scars from being bitten. >> i was bitten everywhere. >> she believes it came from secondhand furniture. the store denies it. >> i was eating on the patio rather than inside. >> pest control companies have never seen anything like it. a 500% increase in the bedbug population. >> they are sturdy bugs, tough. they hide in the smallest places. >> that's the problem. bedbugs are the size of apple seeds hiding in the bed sheets and bedspreads waiting to come
out at night. bedbugs need people. where we go, they go. >> they are hitchhikers. they travel with us on our person, in our belongings. >> reporter: bedbugs have gone global. in the u.s., 95% of pest control companies reported bedbug infestations. 98% in canada and 92% in europe. few things reproduce like a bloodthirsty bedbug. >> in january, i put 30 bedbugs in this jar. we estimate there are 2,000 now. >> there's no news they carry diseases. keep them out by using a sealed mattress cover. the advice from the experts -- >> when they get to the point when they are in the furniture, throw it away. get new furniture. get rid of it. >> reporter: plenty of people would love to do that.
tom costello, nbc news, washington. okay, in the next hour, former vermont governor howard dean weighs in. we are going to hear from him live. first, another governor channels his inner superhe. a programming note, minnesota vikings with brett favre. they are going to take on the 49ers. it's on sunday night football tonight on nns. ♪
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used over 39 billion plastic bottles of water. ♪ that's enough to stretch around the earth over 190 times. ♪ each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. it's a small step that can make a big difference. look for our coupon in this weekend's newspaper. states across the country are facing deficits and finding ways to make cash on the side. one solution in connecticut is to sell what they seize. the state is auctions off seized items from bows to boos. residents are happy for the bargain opportunities. >> the strollers mostly came from the airport stuff left in
the terminals. the beer came from liquor control. somebody illegally selling it or selling it to minors. >> it's a good idea to sell the surplus. >> they expect to pull in $45,000 from this auction and another $500,000 from a car auction coming up. a debate of whether money leads to happiness. "the new york times" reports people are happier when they spend money on experiences like vacation or family time instead of material objects. joining me now is the associate professor, tom. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what is it about an experience or vacation that people find more gratifying than going out and buying something. >> spending onley sure tends to make people less lonely and have greater social interaction.
in part is through the greater interactions with friends or family that lead to higher levels of long term. >> i have to say, i totally buy into that. it's why you might see this blouse again next weekend. let's go to the times report that says there's a trend to spend more on experiences. consumers gravitated more toward experiences than possessions over the last couple years opting to use their extra cash for nights at home, watching movies, playing games, staycations in the backyard. people think it's the new norm. there are retailing professional that is think it's not a fad. how do you see this and why has it moved that way? >> perhaps it's because there has been greater, you know, increasingly greater research on how consumption is related to happiness. of all things people spend money
on, vehicles, shopping, eating out, leisure is related to greater happiness. people know it through their own experiences and are moving in that direction in tougher economic times. >> gill collins talks about vacations in the new york times. she says americans have had this strange attitude toward vacations and we don't take enough of them. you can read the quote. it's a good thing, you bond with the family and all that. we don't take many of them, why not? >> i don't know why not. i enjoy taking vacations with my family. it seems that this type of activity, spending on this does make people increase their social connections that ultimately leads to greater life satsz faction. >> what do you think europe sees that the united states does not because on average, europeans, on average, 20 paid vacation days a year. you are pushing three weeks plus if you take five days off work
compared to americans who get 14 paid vacation days a year. what does europe see that america doesn't? >> there are a lot of differences between the labor markets in europe and also in the u.s. i should emphasize, it's not just vacations. research suggests it's spending on other leisure activities. if you don't have the time to take a long vacation, there's other ways you can spend your money to increase social connections as well, through hobbies or other activities. >> it's an interesting concept. i'm sure a lot of people will be thinking about it. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. just days after his conviction for lying to the fbi, rod blagojevich was hanging out with superheroes. he was at a comic book convectico convention in chicago.
our chicago station wmaq has the report. >> reporter: known for drawing a spirited clientele, they are known for hosting tv icons from brady bunch, "beverly hills 90210." this year, one trumped everyone else. >> it's like nothing we have ever seen. >> reporter: swarmed by fans and well wishers in a mob scene. >> he's drawing the crowd. >> he's fascinating. people want to meet him and see him and reach out and touch him. >> reporter: leaving some of the other celebrities perplexed. >> maybe i should try getting indicted. >> william shatner will be upset rod blagojevich is getting more attention than he is. >> reporter: after what felt like a victory and a call to the
league team on the bat phone, he settled in the booth selling photo-opes for 80 bucks and autographs at $50 a pop. people forked over the money. he had a bleeping golden message for brian pearson. not everyone was pleased to see the exgovernor. >> it is kind of a slap in the face of what people are trying to do here. >> reporter: also a convicted fellow gave photo-opes for a dollar. >> blagojevich lied to the fbi. they plan to retry him. a van gogh painting is stolen from a museum. we have a live report. first, women of madmen. is the show portraying the
beginning of the women's movement? we're going to talk about it on msnbc sunday. [ beep ] ♪ [ beep ] [ male announcer ] find an italian masterpiece in your grocer's freezer. new from buitoni. shrimp and lobster ravioli with garlic butter sauce. simple ingredients, artfully prepared. buitoni. create an italian masterpiece. discover more buitoni masterpieces in the freezer section. aveeno hair shines in real life. new aveeno nourish plus shine with active naturals wheat smooths damaged cuticles for 75% more shine in one use. real shine, for real life. yours. [ female announcer ] new aveeno nourish plus shine.
a recent news week article suggests "madmen" should be called mad women. the world of madmen reached 1965 when the female voice was beginning to roar. >> i know you don't want to hear this, but he's right. >> haven't the kids been through enough already? i can't uproot them with no place to go. >> you're not even looking. >> there's nothing out there and he doesn't decide. >> i'm joined by julia who has written about the mad women awakening. thanks for being here. >> pleasure. >> you write the show is now beginning to portray the beginning of the women's movement. how do you see it on screen? >> this is a textbook case for a strange stir thag was happening
among women, a sense of resentment, sur pressed wage and women were unhappy and don't know why. we see it especially in betty draper. she's got a blank look on her face. she's desperately unhappy. se see in the women on "the office", they are harassed and you can see a rising resentment being articulated about it, especially in someone like joan. >> for people who don't watch it, she was in the previous clip and divorcing from the man. she's trying to look for a house. and splitting up the possessions. peggy is a lead woman. she's a working woman. above a secretarial level. she's making a pitch at work. listen to this. >> okay. >> pilgrim and indian at a tug
of war with a ham. >> why didn't you pitch that two months ago. it's good on its own. >> slogan is not worth anything alone. >> almost unheard of, chop chop, ordering a man around in the workplace. >> you say the anger of the madmen women has been simmering? >> yes. peggy is a great place. they recognize her talent. they promote her. it's unusual. men are trying to claim her ideas. she gets put downs. they let it go because she's good at what she does. at the same time, she's dealing with sexual issues. she wants to be sexually active but there's shame associated with her past behavior. >> guys can be sexually active. >> absolutely. >> not the women.
what does it say about feminism then at its roots and now? >> i think it says we can see that what this is coming -- you know, it's very origins or the second film in the movement. it's about women who are saying, you know, this isn't good enough. it's from a genuine kind of anger and seeking of equality. a recognition that men are treating her badly. on sexual grounds and professional grounds and a bunch of issues, they are treated in a way men are not. it's making them mad. >> mad women will appear. julia, never mad with us. we love having you on from news week. >> thank you, alex. two sides from the mosque controversy. howard dean weighs in on the issue here on msnbc sunday. [ announcer ] how do you plus up breakfast?
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